take your brain to the gym day

Take Your Brain To The Gym Day

If you are anything like me, you have gone through some very difficult times in your life. The one thing that has allowed me to overcome the despair, loss, trauma, and pain that has been scattered throughout my life has been my mental strength. Without my mental strength, I feel that I would never have made it through the hard times. (Go ahead, read between the lines.) My mental strength has come from repeatedly failing and not giving up, from being hurt and not letting that experience crush me, but most of all it has come from what I tell myself.

Garbage in, garbage out. If you put dirt, rocks, and bird shit into a pot on the stove can you mix it up and get a gourmet meal? Duh! The same is true for your mind. If you feed yourself bullshit lies like I’m not good enough, I’m poor, I’m a failure, I’m slow, I’m not good at writing, you are programing yourself for mental weakness. Even if these things have been true in the past you do not have to make them your future.

Here is where some people will get butthurt! If you are poor, you have created that situation for yourself by what you are telling yourself. If you are in a shitty relationship you have also created that by what you tell yourself you deserve! If you are not in a career that you love, guess what, that’s your creation as well! The good news is that you can change all the stuff you are not happy with by what you are telling yourself inside you head! You can reprogram your brain to give you the life that you truly want and deserve. For starters, you need to put better ingredients into your pot!

Our minds are the most important thing to strengthen in our lives because from that comes everything else. Our mental strength and what we are telling ourselves creates our lives. We go to the gym or do daily activities to strengthen our bodies, shouldn’t we also go to the mental gym and strengthen our minds? Study mental strength, read books, watch videos on YouTube, find mentors and become a student. Make mind strengthening a daily habit!

Don’t know where to start? Here’s my daily mind strengthening regimen:

First thing in the morning before I get out of bed I use my phone to listen to motivational videos on YouTube. Some of my favorite motivators are Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and Bob Proctor. I spend at least 30 minutes listening to these people speak. I also have a list that I have created of major accomplishments I achieved in 2016. I read this list every morning before I get out of bed. This allows me to focus on the positive in my life.

By paying attention to my thoughts during the day, I have been able to catch myself when I start to think negatively. When I catch myself I can replace the negative thought with a positive thought. One of the most crippling thoughts I have is focusing on lack of finances. Each time I catch myself thinking anywhere near financial lack I now stop myself and think of a time in the recent past where I sold a sculpture. It turns everything around in my mind from negative to positive.

I don’t always make time to read books so I have found that you can watch animated book summaries on YouTube. In 6-15 minutes illustrators walk you through the main points of a book. I feel this is an excellent way for me to gain valuable knowledge in a short amount of time, and I retain the lessons more because I am a visual person and the animations they use to teach the points speak directly to my way of learning. Two of my favorite YouTube channels for animated book reviews are illacertus, and OnePercentBetter. Some of the videos I watch several times because the information is priceless and it reinforces the information. Brain training is not a one and done. Like any muscle the brain needs to be worked out every single day!

Last thing at night I listen to at least 30 minutes of my favorite motivational speakers and again read my list of accomplishments I have achieved over the last year. Overnight while I am sleeping I listen to meditation through an app I have on my phone called Sleep Learning System, Law of Attraction. It is a free app that I have listened to nightly for over 2 years.

I can’t speak for everyone but I can say this is what has been working for me, and today I lead a life that is beyond my wildest dreams and continues to get better! Everyone is different and different things work for different people. Hopefully you can take some of what has worked for me and it helps you in your life!

Do you have mind strengthening techniques that work for you? I would love to hear about them! Is there a topic you would like me to cover? Leave your questions, comments, and complaints in the comments below!

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With gratitude,


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