Financial Seasons-Save your nuts for winter

Without fail for thousands of years, summer follows spring, fall follows summer and winter follows fall. The sun rises, the sun sets and the days change. Our finances also follow the same changing seasons. We have times of growth, springtime, times of wealth and prosperity, summer, times of riding on that prosperity, fall, and times of financial hardships, winter. When we understand these seasons run in our financial lives like we know they run in our physical lives, we can prepare for them and better weather the seasons.

Would you wear a t-shirt outside is 22-degree weather? No! You would wear a winter coat! (Do Y’all see where I’m going with this already?) To prepare for winter some people cut firewood, some people haul out all the winter clothes in preparation for the colder weather, and some of you smart ones travel to warmer climates! We salt our driveways when it snows so we don’t fall on ice, we wear warmer clothes, and we plan our activities around the freezing temperatures. When we plan for our physical winters it makes our winters more bearable. Have you ever begun a winter with not enough firewood and have had to cut, haul, and stack it in the middle of deep snow and freezing temperatures? I have and it sucks!

Our financial seasons are no different, we have spring, summer, fall, and winter. Understanding these seasons exist in our financial lives will better allow us to prepare for them, and possibly allow us to play during the winter times. If you have not prepared and you are currently in a financial winter should you continue to despair, or know in your heart that spring is just around the corner and continue to dig out with faith that the seasons must change eventually? If you knew you had a financial winter coming how would you prepare? Would you take the second vacation when times were good or would you put that money aside in a safe place?

Our lives run so much smoother when we prepare for what we know is coming. A squirrel without enough nuts for the winter may starve to death. Don’t be a lazy squirrel, save your nuts!

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