everyones life is messy but people get caught up in believing life is perfect for other people and they are somehow less than perfect

I am so far from perfect that I couldn’t even find it if I had a GPS!

When you see pictures of my art, I have taken a shit ton, (official measurement meaning around a hundred,) of pictures and have gone through the painful and slow process of deleting all the pictures that I don’t like or don’t feel represent myself or my art in the light that I want it to be represented in. (Read I trashed all the shitty pictures!) What you end up seeing is me always smiling, my art pictured in a perfect light, and my shop is always clean. IT’S A HUGE SHAM! Ok, yes, I am usually smiling, but most the time I look goofy, my hair is a mess, I have dirt on my face, and my shop looks like a category 5 hurricane has recently visited! I am so far from perfect that I couldn’t even find it if I had a GPS!

We get caught up in this perfection mentality because we are inundated with pictures on social media of perfect homes, clean kids, and pristine landscapes. These pictures have all been staged and you will never “achieve” this level of perfection, it doesn’t exist, it’s a facade.

We see these “perfect” pictures online of celebrities, beautiful homes, and our neighbor’s new car and feel that we suck because our lives are less than perfect. We assume our neighbor’s homes must be perfect inside, or this artist has a magnificent studio, or that actor has a perfect life. WRONG! You are seeing what they want you to see, not the truth! You are not seeing the truth and are judging yourself against what you believe to be true. The truth is everyone’s life is messy.

I shared pictures of the shows I went to all year, but you never saw the pictures of me freezing my ass off in snow storms or sitting in torrential downpours trying to sell my art to customers who never showed up. You saw the pictures of the beautiful sculptures I created, but never saw the sculptures I started and screwed up or hated and scrapped. You saw the pictures of me smiling in my shop but I never shared the pictures of me stressed out, frustrated, worried, the mistakes I have made, or the soul crushing breakup I went through.

It is so very important for me to share my whole story with you, not just the shiny happy moments. I don’t want you to get the false sense that my life is perfect. My life is messy, just like everyone’s life is messy! Know that when you are seeing pictures online what you are seeing is what people want you to see, not the whole picture! Do not get scammed by the perfect pictures people post and judge yourself against what you feel is the truth. Stop being so dammed hard on yourself, embrace your beautiful, crazy, messy life, and know that you are just like everyone else! Know that you are magnificent in your imperfection!

I would love to hear from you! Did you like the story? Hate it? What topic would like me to cover? Leave your questions, comments, and complaints in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “I am so far from perfect that I couldn’t even find it if I had a GPS!

  1. I love this post Barbie…because it rings so true.

    I started with a super clean and organized studio shop in my basement. A hurricane is a great assessment as you are in a whirlwind trying to complete a customer project. The old adage I know where everything is (most of the time) seems to apply now until I get so fed up I make it all neat and clean and the cycle starts again.

    Then you get days like today trying to get customer orders finished, remembering that you should probably eat something during the day as you can’t exist on just coffee and knowing you gotta file those NYS taxes before you collapse for the night haha.

    But it’s all worth it to do what I love and be my own boss!


  2. This is so very true. Social Media is the worst about being a place where people only share the “perfect” side of their lives.
    I find my biggest struggle is not only posting real stuff, but also keeping my business and private life separate. I used to do this because I worked from home and had children still living in the home . Now I do it because I don’t want just anyone in my haven. So finding that balance with work/life when you work from home. That’s always a big deal.
    I appreciate that you share the “real” you. We all have struggles, it’s how we choose to stand up after them that makes a difference- someone is always watching. It may be that random friend from high school that never speaks to you, but has been watching you work hard to follow your dreams. It may be inspiring them to stand up and fight for their own dreams. At least that is what I hope. Because I watch you, and it inspires me to work hard, smarter and better. I appreciate your blogs and videos. Thank you for sharing!

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