Why You Need Haters

Haters are people who will never achieve anything of importance in their lives and love to cut people down to make themselves feel better about being worthless to society. They are irrationally jealous, spit hatred, and generally cause drama. You want haters!

But Barbie, why in the world would I want these people to pay attention to me? Haters make us strong. Haters make us want to prove them wrong. Haters make us achieve great things. When haters start showing up you know you have finally leveled yourself, your art, or your business up to the point where you are now being noticed by people other than your fans! Congratulations!

The idea of embracing haters is to turn your mind from the negative to the positive. (You can do this with everything negative in your life, make it a game to find negative things and make a positive twist for it. This is how people become mentally strong! This is how people become relentless winners!) Normally your first instinct when seeing or hearing something negative about yourself is to get your panties in a bunch and defend your honor. DON’T DO IT! Haters show us that we have leveled up in our life or business, but we ignore haters. If you respond to the negativity you become a drama queen. If you tell all your friends how butthurt you are about what the hater said you become a drama queen. Being a drama queen is not leveling up, it will not make you mentally strong, it will not make you a relentless winner. We see or hear the negativity and quietly tell ourselves congratulations, we have leveled up, then you take yourself out to dinner and celebrate! (Note: There is a distinct difference between a customer or client who is genuinely upset about a service or product we provide and a person who is hating out of jealously. Our customers deserve the absolute best service we can provide and are given top priority. If we have a customer with a problem it gets taken care of pronto!)

If you don’t have any haters yet have no fear! You can easily get haters if you keep working your ass off. Have patience and they’ll show up! Create more beautiful art, learn a new technique, add a new product to your business, find a way to level your business up and become a better version of yourself. The little things you do every day to improve yourself and your business will result in growth over time and will eventually bring on loyal haters!

The more haters you get the more motivation you will have to prove them all wrong. If you only have 7 haters, go figure out how to get 8. If you only have 8 haters figure out how to get 13!

If you are a hater reading this and don’t have anyone to hate on, feel free to hate on me! I love that shit!

I would love to hear from you, especially if you are a hater! Let me know what you think! Is there a topic you would like me to cover? Leave your questions, comments, and complaints in the comments below!

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With gratitude,


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