Artist:  Efim Konovalov – visual artist from Richmond, BC (Canada)

My father encouraged my art making from a very early age. I was born in Russia, so I attended an art school for little children there. Then, after we moved to Israel, I attended art classes at the Museum of Israel in Jerusalem.

After I moved to Canada, I started painting with oil colors under the instruction of some Ukrainian-born painters. Then, I switched to acrylic paint, my preferred medium at present time.

Making art is a time-consuming process that takes a lot of patience and hard work. It’s true about what they say that talent only contributes 5% to producing art, the rest is dedication and perseverance. Also, a lot of trial and error.

I participated in many private exhibitions, and in various art groups, especially in Edmonton. These include the Whyte Avenue Art Walk (Edmonton, AB), which I did for several years, participation with Edmonton Russian Artists Society, the Saint Albert Painters’ Guild Fall and Spring Shows, and with the Multicultural Mosaic group in 2013. You can see all my past exhibits on my website, as well as press coverage.

I sell my art occasionally during art shows, like the ones I’ve mentioned, but mostly through friends and family. My parents have been both supportive of my art throughout my artistic career, for which I am very grateful. When I was in my teens, my dad even commissioned me some paintings in oil pastel and that’s what got me hooked on producing artwork. That is not to say I only do it for the money! The inspiration I get during the work process is beyond words and I enjoy the relaxation and the “food for the soul” that creation entails.

What I like to produce most are landscapes, still-life (or, “Nature-Morte”), portraits, and animals. I also like to make copies from other world-renown painters, such as Van Gogh, Chagal, Matisse, Monet, Renoir, Dobuzhinsky, Levitan, and other artists that time will not forget.

I hope to make a contribution to the art world and to leave lasting legacy. I hope that one day, my art will be displayed in the major museums of the world and I wish to become world-renown before I die.

Please note that I currently accept commissions of any subject matter. Please use my contact information below to contact me directly, if interested.


Artist Biography


1982 – Born in Kemerovo, Russia, to Boris and Irina Konovalov

1991 – Immigrated with family to Jerusalem, Israel

1998 – Immigration to Edmonton, Canada with family

2014 – Relocated to Richmond, BC


Artistic Education

    1. Fine Art classes with Prof. E. Makarova at the Museum of Israel
    1. Private Fine Art classes with Prof. Ming Yee, an Art History instructor at Grant MacEwan College2003 – 2011      B.A. from the University of Alberta
    2. 2001 – 2008       Private Painting lessons from Igor Postash, a painter from the Ukraine now residing in Edmonton


April 2004               Private exhibition and sale event

July 2004&2005, 2009, 2011   Participated in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk

Exhibits at the Jasper Artists’ Guild – Brush Fire Gallery

January 2005          Art exhibit in Muttart Conservatory (Society of Russian Artists)

2007                        Exhibition at the Societé Francophone d’Alberta

January 2010            Exhibition at the Deep Freeze Festival (Jan. 9-10)

2011, 2012, 2013     Exhibits with the Saint Albert Painters’ Guild (St. Albert, AB)

October 2013           Digital exhibition during the Creatives Rising Exhibit in NYC, USA

June 2015 & 2016   “Midsummer Arts Dream” exhibit with the Richmond Arts Council


University of Alberta Academic Excellence Award, 2001/02

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, 1999-2001


Additional Information

Produced an extensive portfolio of artwork including copies from popular painters, still life and landscape oil paintings, portraits, as well as abstract works

Primary specializations are charcoal & conte, oil and acrylic on board and canvas, watercolor, and oil-pastel media


Contact Information


Phone: (604) 367-4959


Address: 3760 Cunningham Drive

Richmond, BC

V6X 3N5

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