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Push Your Art

When I started creating art I creating what I refer to as functional art, book ends, lamps, and tables. After a while I branched out into making people and animals out of silverware, and motorcycles out of scrap gears and materials. Then custom orders started coming in. The custom orders were the catalyst for pushing my art. Up until I got the custom orders I was making what I wanted to make and what I loved but most importantly what I was comfortable and capable of creating. Notice I said comfortable? Nothing grand is created out of comfort!

When a custom order came in I was being asked to create something someone else liked. My client would say, “can you make me a steampunk owl?” and I would say “yes of course I can do that,” and then I would go into my workshop and say to myself “how the hell am I going to do that!” I had no idea how to create an owl, let alone a steampunk owl, but everything is figureoutable. (yeah I just made that up!)

steampunk owl welded metal art scupture by barbiethewelder
Steampunk Owl welded metal art sculpture by BarbieTheWelder

So, there I was in my studio thinking to myself I was crazy to take this order when I had no idea how to create this owl. I started looking at pictures of owls on Google. I looked at the general shapes of the head and body and realized that to create the owls head I would have to make a ball out of sheet steel. Never had I done anything like this. It was so far out of my comfort zone that I needed a passport to get back! I sat on my front porch trying to draw a ball in a flat shape, first like the outer layer of a baseball and then using triangles. It took several designs for me to finally decide what way would work, and then it took a lot of welding and a lot more grinding, but I was finally able to find a way that worked, and that I was happy with. The result was a sculpture that I was very proud of and that the client was thrilled with.

To create that owl, I had to push my art, push through fear and doubt, and keep trying until I figured it out. I feel it is the same way for every artist regardless of what art you are creating. I believe that for an artist to create epic art you must push yourself outside of your comfort zone and create art that scares you, art that pushes your talents to the limits.

I would love to hear from you!

What art have you created that scared you and pushed your talents as an artist? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought on “Push Your Art

  1. As it turns out, the word “figureoutable” was used here and there until the Urban Dictionary included it.
    Whodafigured? Your work is truly amazing and I’m assured that, as you continue on, your comfort zone will expand!


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