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How To Sell Your Art Using Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that is highly visual and therefore perfect for artists to promote their art.

I feel that the number one rule for thriving with your art on any social media platform is to keep your art page strictly business. When I follow another artist or business and they start posting shit about their family, meals, or vacations they have taken, I unfollow them. I was following them to see art, and the creation process of their art, not vacations and kids. The other stuff gets in the way from me seeing what I was there to see. I keep my business page strictly business and save my personal posts for my personal page.

Your pictures need to be bright, clear, and sharp. Even if you only have 4 or 6 great pictures on your page, it is better than 50 crappy pictures. You know how your art is created, but not everyone else does, and it is exciting for them to see the process. Share pictures of projects in the works, pictures of your work area, even if it is just your garage or kitchen table, and pictures of completed works. If you suck at photography search out how-to videos and articles online that will help you improve your skills. The time you spend educating yourself will payoff greatly in the long run.

Hashtags are a wonderful tool on Instagram. You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post to  help people find your art business, and I suggest you use all 30. Check out my Instagram page posts to see the hashtags I use to get an idea of how I use them. I experiment a lot with hashtags to learn which ones work with each type of picture I post. Get creative with your hashtags. If you are creating drawings don’t just use #drawing, use specific hashtags like #dogdrawing or #mynewestdrawing. You don’t want to be so general that people will not find your art among the millions of pictures circulating around Instagram. I have found that hashtags with 500-10,000 posts work the best for me.

Keep your followers active by posting great relative content daily. If you do not have enough great content to post every day, post as often as you can. Do not post shit just to post shit! Experiment with your posts. Sometimes I post stuff that I think will be great and it bombs. Sometimes I bomb because my pictures suck and sometimes I bomb because my hashtags suck. If something bombs I take the post down. I want my followers experience to be excellent, I want them to look forward to my next post. You must feel out your followers to see what they like and what gives you the most likes and comments.  It’s a learning experience every time I post.

Connect your Instagram page to the page where you sell your art online. There is one spot in your biography for you to add a website, use it to let others know where they can find your art for sale. If you do not have an online store for your art, link to your website or Facebook page.

If you continue to learn and grow each time you post to Instagram, you will quickly grow a dedicated following!

Please share this information to help other artists!

I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is a subject you would like me to cover please mention it in the comments below.

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