How To Find Your Art When You Are Stuck, Tired, or Uninspired

I sat in front of my workbench with my welding helmet on and tears streaming down my face. I had been working 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week for the last 2 1/2 years and I still was not making enough money to pay my bills, let alone eat anything better than spaghetti o’s.

I was tired, frustrated, angry, and depressed. I had created over $10,000 in art inventory but had only sold $425, and we are not talking profit. Before I quit my full time fabrication job to pursue my dream of being a metal sculptor I made more than that in a week.

I felt like giving up my dream and returning to the safety of my full time job. What the hell, I thought, I loved my job and I would still be able to create art after work and on the weekends. The idea sounded better and better the more I rolled it around in my head.

I had lost my art. I had lost the passion, drive, and joy that my art brought me when I was designing and creating. The stress and frustration that came with being unable to make a living from creating my art had sucked everything that was beautiful about creating art out of my life.

I curled up in my bed to hide from the world and sent a message to a fellow artist I had recently met about how frustrated I was. I wanted the other artist to co-sign my bullshit, to have pity for my dire situation. What I got back was a message that changed my life. “Get your ass out of bed and get back in your shop and do something, even if it is just sweeping the floor, get back to work around your art.”

I grudgingly returned to my shop and started sweeping the floor. As I was sweeping I saw stuff that was out of place so I began organizing the shop as well. My anger and frustration dissolved as I continued working around my shop. I loved my workshop, I loved my art, and I loved seeing a design in my head and bringing it to life, its better than any high I have ever experienced.

In my fear of not making money I had lost my why for creating art. The whole reason I began creating art was something spoke to my soul when I saw a woman creating a giant angel wing metal sculpture. I did not begin creating art to make money, I began creating art because it was my soul mission.

When I remembered my why for creating art it changed my thought process behind what I was doing. I returned to my soul mission, creating art because it made me happy, not to earn a profit. My art began to improve greatly because it was being created from a place of love, not fear. A funny thing happened, I started selling art and earning a profit.

When you are frustrated, uninspired, stuck, or tired, remember your why. Return to your reason for creating art and your art will flow naturally.

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9 thoughts on “How To Find Your Art When You Are Stuck, Tired, or Uninspired

  1. Thank you for that! Even I sometimes (like now) get discouraged and full of fear that my art isn’t good enough, that it won’t sell, that i will fail! I SO needed to read this! Love to you my friend! See you in Ridgway.


  2. Hi Barbie,you are right,people make art for the love of it and it is like a mission to create something that comes from the heart and the soul. It’s a feeling of “I got to do it” other wise you don’t feel complete. Your art is a part of who you are and your art shows that. To make money off it feels good too because you know someone truly appreciates and sees the beauty in it. Keep going Barbie no matter what. You should never give up on a dream.


    1. I’ve followed in your footsteps and have feel that feeling of being lost, unappreciated and forlorn. You’ve a wise friend. When I’m belittled or put down by others even by those closest to me it becomes a struggle to continue the recycling or coming up with new ideas. Your friends advise has worked for me I am sure hundreds of times. I go back to the barn. Wander around the stacks and piles of recycled materials and again lose myself in the creation process. Ahhh yes back to the comfort of knowing that what I am attempting can and will affect the lives I hope to benefit. And, the creation process begins anew and I am at peace with my heart.


  3. Thank you for posting this Barbie! I am in the thick of my funk right now and have been for almost a year now and there is nothing worse! I needed to read this. You rock!


  4. I enjoy the creatation out of fabrication…but I too at times hit that stump in the road where I need to back up breath and reassess. Taking a break to close my eyes and relax, being to frustrated to think…clear the mind take that breath to get that running start to jump that stump that’s blocked the road. Still working full time and in the process myself of starting that art business, no matter how tired I am from the day’s work there is something about getting in that barn of mine grabbing those tools welders plasma cutter and the imagination to create…I enjoy taking what most see as scrap and turning it into something I or someone else can enjoy looking at or use…it’s that self gratification in my creation that gives makes me feel whole😊. Thanks for your story!


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