Use Your Story To Sell Your Art

When I first started taking my art to events and shows I had this image in my head of a greasy car salesman who tries to sell you a piece of shit car so I did not talk to customers unless they asked me a question. I was unhappy and uncomfortable because I did not want to be “one of those greasy car salesmen.”

Its not hard to believe that I did not sell very much art when I first started out. I sat uncomfortably in the back of my booth, hiding behind my art and hoping the show would get over with. My unhappiness at being a “salesman” was making people uncomfortable being around me at shows and kept me from connecting with my customers and selling my art.

After a few shows I noticed that when people would ask me about how I became an artist I would lighten up, I become more comfortable, and I could easily talk to customers about my journey. When I spoke about my journey people saw my art as more than something that would sit on their shelf and collect dust, it became a part of my struggles and hard work. When I spoke about my journey I was being myself. I smiled, I had passion, I was silly, and yes I swore a time or two, I’m human!  I had started connecting with my customers on a personal level. I was showing my customers the value in my art without realizing what I was doing. Customers began purchasing my art just as fast as I could create it.

Each show got easier and easier as I continued connecting with my customers and building value in my art by sharing my story.  When I shared my story I also found it easier to approach store owners and art galleries about carrying my art. I was comfortable and confident because I believed in my art and knew I was creating high quality, one of a kind art, not a piece of shit car. I realized that selling is about believing in and loving what you are selling, not the greasy car salesman image that I had in my head in the beginning.

Now its your turn! What is your story? How did you find the art inside of you? What spoke to your soul about your art? Where do you create your art? Where do you find your inspiration? How do you sell your art? Are their other artist that you look up to?  What pieces are your favorite? What are your hopes and dreams as an artist? What are your goals? You are beautiful and so is your story! Share your story with your customers, be unforgivingly yourself, and your art will sell itself!

I want to share your story and your art! Send your story to and make sure to include pictures of you and your art. If I choose your story it will be featured in this blog to help inspire other artists, and hopefully help you sell your art!  Please watermark your pictures. (If you need help with this message me) Include your website, Etsy site, and any other contact information you would like included.

Please share this information to help inspire other artists.

I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is a subject you would like me to cover please mention it in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Use Your Story To Sell Your Art

  1. Good advice, after a certain level of competency in your art people are buying the artist as well as the art. Get out front of your booth and engage people with open ended positive response questions.


  2. Sales is still something I struggle with. I enjoy meeting the people, sharing my story and my games… but when it comes to the “ask” I am not really comfortable with it. I do it because it’s necessary.

    You have come so far in the last couple of years and grown so much (and worked hard). It has been a pleasure to watch your art become an extension of you. I have seen you make so many creative and impressive compositions… but the most impressive creation has been the reinvention of yourself!

    I am sure that someday soon people will come from far and near just to visit your shop.


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