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The World Needs Your Art!

There are so many challenges to being successful as an artist, but the world needs your art! In order to thrive as an artist you must first push through self-doubt, uncertainty, fear of criticism, and the rejection that all artists face. Sound scary as hell? It is, but you are not alone! I am the no BS guide that is going to help you along the path to becoming a thriving artist!

Whether you are a sculptor, wood-carver, graffiti artist, painter, writer, singer, or actor, we all have fears we must face to bring our art into the world. We must push through crushing self-doubt by telling ourselves our art is excellent. We must push through fear by facing fear head on and doing what scares us. We must push through the fear of criticism by knowing in our heart not everyone will like what we do and we can’t make everyone happy with our art, nor is it our job to. We must push through the fear of rejection and know in our heart that we must persist until we succeed.

We need to know that as artists we are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands other artists out there who are working their tails off trying to accomplish the same goals that we are. We need to find these other artists through social media, local groups, and events, and connect with them so that we have kindred spirits to speak with who share our hopes, dreams, and love of creating. We need to ask for help when we need it, and accept help when it is offered to us.

We need to keep people who are negative about our art out of our lives and only let in people who are loving and supportive. This is essential for our success as artists as well as our success as human beings. We need to be supportive to other artists and remember our struggles so that we may help others when they are struggling. We need to share our knowledge with other artists so that we may help them grow which in turn will bring more art into the world.

We need to understand that as artists we have no competition. You can take 10 metal sculptors and ask each of them to create a sculpture of a dog and each sculpture will be different. Some sculptures might have similarities but none two will be the same. 10 singers will each sing the same song in a different way. Our art is unique therefore it is valuable and should be treated as such, and priced as such.

The world needs your art, and it is your duty to bring your beautiful art into the world, not only for the happiness and pleasure of others but for your happiness and pleasure as well. Nothing will make your heart happier than to see or hear something in your head and then to manifest it into the world.

Please share this information to help inspire other artists.

I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is a subject you would like me to cover please mention it in the comments below.

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