Create Like An Artist, Act Like a Business

When I first started out I was unable to sell my art because I had no freakin idea that part of being a thriving artist involved growing and running a business. I figured if I created epic art people would beat a path to my door and throw money at me to buy it. Boy was I was wrong!!!

Once I realized my mistake I decided that I needed to spend half of my time working ON my business and half of my time working IN my business. I started educating myself about the qualities of a successful business.

Advertising is an absolute must for all art businesses. There are several ways an artist can advertise their business. Social media is at the top of my list for advertising. There are several different platforms you can use, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrist are all great places to advertise your art, and they are totally free.

Business cards are a must for your business. They are relatively inexpensive and can be totally customized to your specific tastes. My favorite website to purchase business cards from is VistaPrint. They have hundreds of ready made designs or you can design your own, and you can get 250 cards for around $10. Carry business cards with you everywhere you go. Every time you speak with someone it is an opportunity to promote your art, and I highly recommend that you shamelessly promote your art!

Selling your art is a must for your business. Don’t smack your forehead and say “well duh Barbie!” It really wasn’t obvious to me! I honestly thought that if I created epic art people would beat a path to my door. Not one knock! Imagine my surprise! You can sell your art in local stores, art galleries online and through sites like Ebay and Etsy.

Goals are super important if you want to sell art and help your business grow. I set 5 goals each year that will really grow my business. Each morning I look at my goals and then plan my day based on working towards them. Ask yourself where you would like your business to be one year from today and set goals that will help achieve your desires. Write your five goals on a piece of paper with todays date on it and place it some where you will see it every day. Even if you fall short of your goals you will have made progress.

Tracking your income and expenses is necessary for running a successful business, and don’t tell me “but Barbie I don’t have any Income to track yet!” That’s ok just get yourself ready to track income if you haven’t made any yet. You need to track your income and expenses so you can see where your money is coming from and what you are spending it on so that you can make changes that will improve your business.

Each month take an honest look at you and your business and ask yourself what have you been doing that is making money or improving your business and what have you been doing that has not been working and wasting time and or money. Focus on spending more time doing what has been making you money.

Please share this information to help inspire other artists.

I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is a subject you would like me to cover please mention it in the comments below.


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